Free K12 Educator Conference

Join us on July 20, 2023!

Wondering what you’ll get from this year’s LearnOn conference?

EVERFI's 4th annual LearnOn Educator Conference offers sessions grounded in teaching the whole child. This year's theme is Forward Together - we hope you'll join us to take a moment to celebrate, to collaborate, to connect, and to make more teacher magic.

  • Get lesson freebies and classroom inspiration from 60+ experts in education

  • E-meet, collaborate and network with fellow teachers and district leaders invested in whole child learning

  • Receive a certificate for 4 hours of professional development
  • Explore the latest research and resources for real-world learning

  • Collaborate and network digitally with teachers invested in whole child learning

  • Free virtual conference each year

What is LearnOn?

Teachers, Counselors, and District Administrators, this one's for you! LearnOn is a movement focused on getting education right through whole-child learning.

LearnOn offers you a community of educators sharing in the real, messy, and magical classroom moments that make education special. Enjoy 4 hours of PD credit during our annual conference, and learn and grow with fellow educators and experts.

👋Keynote speaker will be announced in April:
stay tuned!

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What Educators Say About LearnOn


"The closing keynote was absolutely unbelievable. I feel like I learned more from her than any other PD this summer and I have done a lot!"


"I really enjoyed this conference - can't wait to have access to the recordings (and I hope ppt slides) - so much good information!"


"By far, the absolute best PD I have had this entire year - I have wanted to stay the entire time."


"I am so excited and ready to go back and implement these good ideas – just awesome."

Join our community

The education space is evolving, and teachers around the world are making magical moments in response.

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Who is EVERFI?

EVERFI helps teachers, schools, and districts bring real-world skills to students.

Thanks to partners, we provide our digital lessons, training, and support at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the conference cost?

LearnOn is completely free! In addition, EVERFI provides digital resources that you can use all year long, also at no cost. These resources can help support student learning in the classroom or while learning remotely.

How can I access the content for this conference?

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with your link to join. Be sure to add the conference to your calendar! This conference will be hosted on Hopin. Can't make it on July 20th? Be sure to register anyway, and you'll get on-demand access to all the resources after the conference.

What certification will I receive?

Within 24 hours of the conference ending, you will receive a certificate with your name and the number of hours of professional learning completed. Check with your local agency to determine if the hours will be accepted for continuing education credits.

How can I connect with attendees before the conference?

Follow @EVERFIk12 on YouTube, Instagram, TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, and TikTok for the latest updates, session highlights, giveaways, and to participate in conversations with other conference attendees and presenters.

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