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Access the links below to view recorded sessions from our 2021 LearnOn Conference. 30 and 45-minute sessions are eligible for a professional development credit, and certificates will be emailed to you upon completion of the session.

*Sessions will be available until Friday, July 29th, 2022*

30-minute sessions (eligible for PD credit/certificate)

Pre Conference Teacher Workshop

Join the EVERFI team as we walk through all the free resources and how to get started.


Breaking Barriers: Building Financial Capability at Every Age

Financial decisions have always been complex - made even more so by a global pandemic. Many students do not feel prepared to make informed financial choices as they move into adulthood. Financial capability doesn't belong in just one subject area or a classroom unit; the more exposure students have, the better their financial outcomes are likely to be in the future. Join us as we explore strategies and activities for incorporating financial education into a variety of classrooms.


SEL Strategies to Support Your Students' Return to School

This past school year was strenuous and full of uncertainties for students across the nation. We can be certain that students will return to school this fall with a wide range of social-emotional needs. Many students experienced prolonged remote learning and will need to relearn "how to school," and even students who have consistently been in-person may be experiencing heightened stress from economic and health-related challenges at home. Join us in an interactive session to discuss actionable strategies and practical resources to support your students on day one with a focus on teaching SEL skills like self-awareness, respect, communication, accountability, and time management.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Going Viral

As social interactions increasingly go digital (and sometimes viral), our students need more support in navigating the digital world safely and responsibly. Technology may be a useful tool for discovery and learning, but it is rifle with pitfalls for students' wellbeing, personal privacy and data protection. In this session, educators will learn how to better prepare students for social media use as a student and later in adult life. Get tools to help students evaluate online information and equip them with strategies to use technology without letting it control their lives.


Who Knew EVERFI Had All This?

Beyond basic registration, join us to learn how to maximize the impact of your EVERFI lessons. We will walk through different implementation plans and daily journeys to boost student engagement and knowledge gains so you can conceptualize what EVERFI looks like in your classroom.


Educator Mental Wellness: How Districts Can Offer Support

While resources related to mental health have been (rightfully) front and center for supporting students, parents, and others, less focus has been paid on maintaining the mental health of the educators and school professionals. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on educator mental health. District leaders will walk away with actionable strategies for how to support teacher mental health as they prepare for the 2021-22 school year and beyond.


Tackling Teen Vaping: Actionable Strategies for Your District

Vaping prevention is top of mind for districts and schools across the nation. As they work tirelessly with educators to prevent vaping in their communities, EVERFI has joined forces with the Truth Initiative and the American Heart Association to provide a scalable, prevention forward set of digital and non-digital cessation resources. In this session, educators will learn how to rethink their vaping response by focusing more on prevention, the importance of taking a supportive approach when working with students/learners, and best practices to curtail usage as they incorporate the Vaping: Know the truth resource. Participants will leave this session with a plan to incorporate EVERFI offline skills-based resources and online content lessons into your existing health curriculum.


Strategies for Supporting Student Mental Health

What is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student mental health? How have some students been impacted differently than others? How do we support students and encourage them to build resiliency? How has EVERFI's Mental Wellness Basics course made a difference? Join Dr. Drummond from HCA and Erin McClintock from EVERFI as they discuss these topics and more, while sharing insights from EVERFI's national data set. Participants will leave the session with actionable strategies for cultivating compassion, resilience, and optimism among students.


College, Career, and Everything in Between!

How can teachers help their students evaluate all paths available to them after high school? We'll dive into that and what students can do now to start preparing. College is an option - but what if college isn't YOUR best choice? We'll explore college and career readiness and everything in between. You'll leave with resources to support students in finding their paths and help make the post-graduate conversation more inclusive.


A Shark Tank State of Mind: Empowering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Every Classroom

By 2020, at least 40% of America's workforce will be entrepreneurs, freelancers or contractors, and 54% of Millennials either want to start a business or have already done so. As we prepare students for their careers in this new economy - as employees or business owners - we have to acknowledge that they will need a very different set of skills than what has been taught in the past, and those skills will need to be taught in evolving ways. This session introduces activities and free resources to help students hone their innovative thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and other entrepreneurial traits essential for success.


Grants, FAFSA, Loans, Oh My! Evaluating the ROI of College

When helping students make decisions and plans for the future, we encourage them to gather as much information as possible to make the best choices. How to finance higher education should be no exception, but with the varying sources of funding this process can be overwhelming. In this session, we uncover the mysteries and myths of securing funding for college and share practical tips for higher education financial planning. (Best for US Audiences)


The New Rules for Title IX in K-12 Schools

True learning and collaboration happens when all students feel safe, included and celebrated. This session will explore the new rules for Title IX in K-12 schools and how to address these regulations at the district level with diversity, equity, and inclusion resources. We will explore how to support educators in having important conversations with students and how to build a positive school culture for everyone.

45-minute sessions (eligible for PD credit/certificate)

The Lasting Impact of Financial Education

Join subject matter experts from Zelle® and EVERFI to hear about effective strategies to teach financial literacy, as evidenced by a 2020 FutureSmart Comparison Study, as well as real-world strategies to help students learn how to navigate the world of digital banking and peer-to-peer payment apps safely and confidently.


Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Schools: Educator Commitment, Preparedness, and Perceived Barriers

Renewed calls to action around social and racial injustice have permeated many aspects of our lives, including our work in the classroom. But how do educators feel about teaching and discussing topics related to race, racism, allyship, and injustice? Join Erin McClintock from EVERFI, Derek Francis from Minneapolis Public Schools, and Dr. Lacey Hilliard from Suffolk University as they share findings from a survey of educators, with a focus on comfort and preparedness for facilitating conversations about race, racism, and racial justice.


Emerging Career Tracks for Gen Z

The reality of today's evolving education landscape is that teachers are preparing this generation for some jobs that may not even exist yet. Join this session to learn about emerging career tracks for this powerful generation and what educators can do now to help students develop the skills to build their own vision for the future - even if they can't see it just yet!


Representation in EVERFI Courses: How We Build with DEIA in Mind

Join EVERFI's product team to learn how our digital courses are built with DEIA in mind so that every student has the chance to make meaning out of critical life skills taught in EVERFI's online lessons. We understand how critical it is that all students have the opportunity to envision their own personal, academic, and career success. Students can do that when they are given opportunities to see themselves, or other students like them, through representation.


Closing Keynote

Join renowned author and psychologist, Dr. Jean Twenge, for a behind-the-scenes look at today's teens and tweens (based on surveys of 11 million young people), focusing on trends in independence, mental health, and technology. Throughout, you'll get advice on teaching and guiding this generation, with insights into teen mental health during the pandemic and what support students need heading back into the school year.

15 minute lightning sessions (awesome content in bitesize format, no PD credit)

EVERFI Integrations with Canvas

Does your district use Canvas but you aren't sure where to start to integrating with EVERFI? In this session, we will discuss best practices around using EVERFI resources within the Canvas platform. You will leave with access to pre-made EVERFI lessons in Canvas and instructions on how to make them your own!


Creating Your District's Advisory Playlist

Learn about a variety of ways in which districts across the country have used EVERFI to enhance their advisory periods and SEL curriculum. You will leave this session with ideas on how to add EVERFI lessons into your district's scope & sequence, along with a communication plan that makes adoption and setup easy for your teachers.


Practical Tips from Veteran EVERFI Teachers

New to EVERFI? Feeling stuck in your implementation? Just looking for fresh ideas? Come get practical solutions from real teachers who are currently using EVERFI, as they share their ideas for using the lessons to build classroom culture, student engagement, and content knowledge. You'll come away with new strategies you can implement right away.


Using Instagram/TikTok to Engage Your Students

Are your students glued to their phones dancing or singing to TikTok? How about Instagram Reels? Swipe up (join us) to learn all things social media + education integration whether you're a beginner or expert! You'll leave with new strategies on how to engage your students using popular apps like TikTok and Instagram.


Real-World Self-Care for Busy Teachers

With the current health and social stressors, educators have played a major role not only as teachers, but as caregivers, front-line workers, advocates and more. We invite educators to come to this session and fill their cup! Take a few minutes to reflect and replenish your emotional, mental and physical stores.


Supercharge Your Early Literacy Lessons

With the ever-accelerating need for social and emotional learning (SEL), instructional time for elementary teachers is at a premium. Enter WORD Force! This space-themed early literacy game combines a fun way for students to practice reading skills from phonological awareness to reading comprehension, all while developing empathy and practicing compassion. Ideally used as a fun supplement to other early literacy programs, WORD Force embeds SEL concepts and skills as students work towards early literacy mastery. Join this session to learn how to maximize instructional time all while infusing some fun into your literacy lessons!


Mental Wellness Playlist for Middle and High School

Students come to us with a myriad of experiences and perspectives that impact their mental wellbeing. As educators, we can lean into this and help students build self-awareness to reduce stigma, and equip them with self-management and responsible decision-making skills that contribute to positive mental wellness. Attendees will learn about the full range of tools available to support these diverse needs of Middle and High School students and provide support where they need it most.


Virtual Science Experiments: Bring Learning to Life with Interactive Lessons

Everyone loves lab day in science class! But as teachers, we know all of the planning, set-up, clean-up and expense that goes into a science lab. Enter FutureGoals: Hockey Scholar and Plants, Animals, and Our World. These lessons function like science experiments, just virtually, learning material through gamification and real-world scenarios. Join us to learn how to make your next lab day virtual! Best fit is for upper elementary and middle school educators.


Ever-Evolving: What's New & What's Next from EVERFI

Join this lightning session to learn about our new releases for the 2021-22 school year. At EVERFI, we love educator feedback and we've acted upon what we've heard from teachers in the classroom! We have brand new courses launching around topics like data science and healthcare literacy, as well as exciting additions and updates to well-loved courses like EVERFI: Financial Literacy, Prescription Drug Safety and Endeavor: STEM Career Exploration. We can't wait to show you what's in store!


LearnOn Meditation - Recorded session with Maria Hetz

Use this quick guided meditation for yourself or with your students.


Conference Musical Guest - Nina Grae

Need a feel-good pick me up to get you centered for the school year? Listen in on this incredible musical guest, Nina Grae, for affirmations and songs dedicated to your well being as a teacher.

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