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Learning More About EVERFI's Free Digital Resources

This one-hour session details all the best tips and tricks to getting started with EVERFI's resources.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy as Personal Wellness

Research shows that financial education at an early age equips students with the resources and outlook they need to be successful. In this session, we will explore how an understanding of financial skills helps to increase overall wellness. Educators will get access to standards-aligned online resources and corresponding offline lesson plans. We will discuss how these lessons can be delivered remotely or in a blended learning format.


Fostering Students' Entrepreneurial Mindset

Studies show that Gen Z largely wants to work for themselves: about 41% aim to become entrepreneurs. Join us as we discuss what this means in preparing our next generation for successful futures. Educators will share strategies for facilitating inquiry-based, experiential learning, and students will join to share their takeaways. You will walk away with lesson ideas on empowering students to develop their leadership skills and take risks in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.


Teaching Business and Finance in the Middle

By the time students reach middle school, they have already developed the capacity to understand complex economic concepts, make financial judgments, and assign value to purchases and brands. Yet the majority of today’s students don’t have the money management skills they need to navigate the modern financial world. The MassMutual Foundation has partnered with EVERFI to develop the FutureSmart Digital course, which offers critical financial literacy for middle and high school students across the United States, absolutely free of charge.


Budgeting for the Real World

EVERFI: Financial Literacy for High School is a digital education program that teaches students how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime. In this webinar session, we will explore the interactive lessons in this financial literacy course and discuss ways to implement these lessons with your students.

Social Emotional Learning

Cultivating a Culture of Respect in the Classroom

Building a classroom culture around respect begins with empathy and understanding. A strong tool to build that kind of understanding is to hold intentional, meaningful conversations. In this session, educators will create a 20-21 plan for holding enriching conversations around current events and infusing diverse thoughts and opinions into everyday learning. Leave with tips, digital and offline resources, lesson plans, discussion guides, and renewed energy to learn with and from students.


Taking on the Whole Child: A Mental Health Approach

Students come to us with a myriad of experiences and perspectives that impact their mental health. We need a variety of tools to support and educate secondary students in mental health: reducing stigma, providing a common language, and laying the foundation for self-advocacy. Attendees will learn how to address and support positive mental wellness as a component of their overall social-emotional programming.


Transformative SEL: A Data-Driven Approach

How do we move the needle with social emotional learning? With the current health and social stressors, it's important to employ measurable real-world SEL skills to students. Join a Chicago Public Schools SEL Specialist to explore several resources that measure learning gains, attitudinal, and behavioral changes. All attendees will walk away with strategies for gathering real-time data, tips for administrator buy-in and discover ways to equip students with SEL skills for life.


Building a Foundation of Compassion

Compassion is an important social-emotional skill that begins to develop in early childhood and is essential for lifelong health and success. Learning compassion increases a student's sense of wellbeing and improves the learning environment for all learners. By developing empathy in children, educators lay the groundwork for long-term understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom and in life.


Teaching Effective Communication

Teaching students to communicate effectively is an essential life skill that will serve them well in the classroom and beyond. In this session, EVERFI Implementation specialist, Ryan Trauger, and expert educator, Sherika Dixon-Keith, will explore the digital lessons from Character Playbook and how you can incorporate them into your classroom curriculum. This resource is recommended for grades 6-9 based on the content, design and reading level.

Digital Literacy

Tech as a Tool: Examining the Role of Technology in Learning and Life

In recent months, technology has become integrated into almost every aspect of life. Today's educators must prepare students for success in this increasingly digital world by arming them with strategies to take advantage of the benefits of tech without letting it control their lives. In this session, we'll address how to leverage technology to enhance learning in meaningful ways - whether live or remote - and empower students to make healthy decisions about their own tech usage.


Navigating the Digital World in the Era of Fake News and Misinformation

As learning increasingly goes digital, our students need to know how to navigate their digital environment safely and responsibly. Despite being essential for many learning activities, technology is rife with pitfalls for students' personal privacy and data protection. Priming them with the skills they need to evaluate the online information will not only lead to more successful tech-based learning, but will ensure that students are able to identify and avoid the risks of the virtual world.

Academic & Career Readiness

Building Your Blueprint: Career Readiness in a Changing & Diverse World

In our ever-changing world, Career Readiness cannot be one size fits all; it must move beyond the basics. Diversity, equity and inclusion, and innovation to meet the needs of a modern workplace must be top of mind. The session will help educators think outside the box, using learning tools and strategies to prepare students for career success. Educators will have conversations, curate innovative resources, and form partnerships to provide a career readiness program for a diverse student group.


STEM beyond the Standards

STEM education fosters curiosity, creativity and collaboration while preparing students for a rapidly changing world. Every educator knows this - so why do we still view STEM and Social Emotional Learning as disparate disciplines? Chris Woods of the "STEM Everyday" podcast and Missouri Teacher of the Year, Darbie Valenti, will explore the natural connection between SEL and STEM in this session. Educators will walk away with resources and strategies to help build these competencies in tandem.


Teaching STEM in Action

The National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) have partnered to launch the Future Goals program, a North-American initiative with a focus on STEM in sports to provide K-12 students with STEM education. Join Todd Bloch, expert educator, and EVERFI implementation expert, Jonathan Filzen, as they explore the resources that are available and ways educators can integrate them into their classrooms.


Blastoff! Send Your Students on an Early Literacy Adventure

Get to know the WORD Force through ready to use lessons where students positively contribute to their community while practicing literacy skills along the way. Educators will leave the session with best practices to introduce literacy lessons in a way that is clear and exciting to students, standards-aligned activity objectives, and the confidence to implement immediately.

Health & Wellness

Helping Teens Create Healthy Peer Relationships

Students' lives are largely shaped by the relationships they develop at school. And the consequences of failing to prepare students to develop and maintain healthy relationships can be serious. We will convene sexual assault researchers and K-12 health educators to discuss recent data and trends around assault on campus and best practices for establishing expectations, programming, and interventions to ensure that students are able to create healthy connections with their peers.


The First Step in Health and Wellness Prevention

Today, most educators realize that prevention education goes beyond just saying no to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and now vaping, instead choosing to found their curriculum in evidence. Well, the data is in and we are ready to review the latest in student behavior and attitudes related to substance use and misuse. We can then use this information to outline and identify your next step in addressing prevention education.


The MisEducation of Prescription Drugs

The opioid epidemic isn't a new topic, however, helping students debunk myths and the science behind Rx drug addiction is. This session will highlight the prescription drug safety resource and best practices around integration with existing health/PE/CTE-Health Science curriculums. Teachers will walk away with a turn-key lesson plan and a simple project based unit.

LearnOn Live Conference

EVERFI’s annual LearnOn Educator Conference offers sessions grounded in teaching the whole child. Over the course of a few hours, you’ll find curriculum and community to fuel your teaching practice

  • Explore the latest research and resources related to real world learning
  • Learn from 60+ experts in education
  • Collaborate and network digitally with teachers invested in whole child learning
  • Receive a certificate for four hours of professional development

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