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About LearnOn

LearnOn: a Virtual Conference on Whole-Child Education is all about empowering educators to Boldly Go beyond traditional teaching methods to create learning experiences and memories for students across the globe.

At LearnOn, we bring together educators, experts, and organizations near and far to explore the new frontiers in education.

EVERFI's network is filled with educators who are passionate about preparing students for the real world.

If you are looking to spark your creativity and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education, this virtual event is for you.

  • Explore the latest research and products related to real world learning experiences

  • Learn from more than 50 experts in the education field

  • Collaborate with other educators near and far

  • Build your Back-to-School teaching toolkit with resources that can used online or offline


Our team is curating 25+ amazing sessions for our attendees. Save your seat today.

Event Schedule

Long-term Thinking: Building Future-Proof Skills for Students in the AI Age

Dive into the nuanced world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with award-winning STEM educator, producer and TV host Justin Shaifer. In this timely keynote, Shaifer demystifies the crucial role AI plays in today's educational landscape and beyond. This eye-opening journey illuminates the importance of AI literacy among educators, describing its role in shaping today's learning environments. Shaifer will introduce practical, easy-to-use AI tools, specifically designed to revolutionize teaching practices, help teachers and boost student engagement.

Shaifer will also demonstrate how to arm students with resilient, future-proof skills, essential for navigating an increasingly AI-oriented workforce. As a powerful call to action, this keynote is designed to equip educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to overcome their hesitation and harness the potential of AI, paving the way for personalized learning experiences and creating unique opportunities for their students.

Session Highlights

AI: My New Best Friend in the Classroom

Harmony in the Halls: Fostering a Positive K-12 Community

Small Groups, Big Impact: Engaging K-12 Students in Advisory

Beyond Time-Out: Rethinking Discipline with MTSS

Discover how AI tools can personalize learning, enhance student engagement, and prepare the next generation for a tech-driven future.

Learn strategies to build trust, respect, and a sense of belonging among students and staff. We’ll share insights on creating inclusive environments, encouraging collaborative learning, and nurturing a culture of support and empathy.

Unlock the potential of small group dynamics in this interactive session focused on student engagement. Learn how to effectively facilitate advisory groups that empower students, foster meaningful discussions, and build critical thinking skills.

Explore innovative alternatives to suspension that keep students engaged and learning. This session will delve into the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework, offering proactive strategies to address behavioral challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the conference cost?

LearnOn is completely free! In addition, EVERFI provides digital resources that you can use all year long, also at no cost. These resources can help support student learning in the classroom or while learning remotely.

How can I access the content for this conference?

After registering, be on the lookout for updates about the conference - we'll email you with the access link and other exciting updates. Be sure to add the conference to your calendar! This conference will be hosted on BigMarker. Can't make it on July 24th? Be sure to register anyway, and you'll get on-demand access to all the resources after the conference.

What certification will I receive?

Within 24 hours of the conference ending, you will receive a certificate with your name and the number of hours of professional learning completed. Check with your local agency to determine if the hours will be accepted for continuing education credits.

How can I connect with attendees before the conference?

Follow @EVERFIk12 on YouTube, Instagram, TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, and TikTok for the latest updates, session highlights, giveaways, and to participate in conversations with other conference attendees and presenters.